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The Things We Love....... 
 Our All Natural Soy Candles...

"Saving our earth...one candle at a time..."   --- Yvie

Yvie's Pure Soy Candles are produced locally by using eco-friendly material, such as eco-cotton, (lead-free) wicks, and pure soy wax.  Our soy wax candles are clean-burning candles that produce excellent scent throw.

You can play a part in saving our environment! By using eco-friendly products, we are able to provide the gift of retaining a clean environment for our future generations.

Recycling is encouraged! A recycling rebate is available towards your next purchase with a return of the reusable container. Take advantage of this opportunity and in turn help maintain our environment!
Candle products are available in four, eight, twelve, and sixteen ounce containers and in melter form. Please click here  to view our available scents.
 Shea Butter and Oatmeal Handmade Soaps
Our hand poured shea butter soaps can include different types of natural ingredients such as oatmeal, mint leaves, and poppy seeds. 

Each soap is packaged separately and available in two different sizes. 
Our handmade soaps are available in many beautiful shapes and scents.  Always handmade with all natural ingredients, you're sure to find one that suits your body and personality.

 Shea and Mango Butter Lotion Bars
Our newest and possibly most decadent product are our all natural handmade lotion bars.  These lotions are made of different waxes and butters and come in solid form. To use them, hold them between the palms of your hands and let just a bit melt and then rub it in.  Silken heaven!
Handmade Jewelry, Knitted Garments and Accessories

We LOVE Yarn!!!

We love the feel, the look, and the texture of yarn!  All  different types of fibers are available!  Hand-spun and hand-dyed fibers are available.  Large color selection.  

Don't forget to ask us about our knit night schedule!  *Hint: Every Thursday from 6-8 PM!

Click on our "We Love Yarn!" for more information.

Community Support 

We cherish our community!  Special pricing is available for fund raising and charity events.
 Cindy's Leaf Art
Artist-in-Residence, Cindy Burch, is truly one of a kind.  Cindy's leaf art is lovingly made by molding shapes out of natural leaves. All pieces are sized depending on the leaves used. Cindy's leaf art are generated by leaves found during one of her quests with Joe (her husband) and it is not abnormal that they would be driving down the road and Cindy would ask Joe to stop and she would step out with her "always ready" scissors and cut leaves. The process of making leaf art is a labor of love!  In Cindy's case, the leaf art was a form of therapy. 
Cindy's Story
"The two stars on each piece are for Joseph and Andrew who we lost in 2002 to murder at Blockbuster in Anniston, Alabama. My sister Lisa introduced me to the leaf art process as a form of therapy. It turned out that my sister was right! I made so many leaf bowls that Joe suggested that I should sell them.
Since the death of Joseph and Andrew,we have started The Joseph and Andrew Burch Memorial Foundation, Inc. To date the foundation has contributed $15,000 in scholarships. Funds were contributed from bowling tournaments, fundraisers & donations.
For every piece you purchase, 10% of the Leaf Art sales will be given to the foundation."
Store Hours
Monday:      10 am - 5 pm
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Wednesday:  10 am - 5 pm
Thursday:       10 am - 8 pm*
Friday:          10 am - 5 pm
Saturday:        9 am   - 3 pm
* Knit Night from 6 pm - 8 pm